A reader has shared this contribution with us:

“I frequent our local university Nanyang Technological University.

I saw this student Soon Tian Hua (maybe part time) also government worker, with government worker pass placed on his lighter.

T H Soon is an arrogant young man. 3rd September evening, I was walking along the corridor to pick up my car in the car park when I passed by T H Soon who was smoking. While smoking is not an offence, littering is. T H Soon left the cigarette butts on the ledge of the corridor wall. I approached T H Soon and requested him to remove the cigarette butts. He was taken aback by my actions initially but later confronted me and ask who I was. I clarified my identity as a public visiting the school and was astonished by his loud rude reply.

He scolded that as a public I do not have rights to interfere in what an NTU student does in campus and told me to get lost. I explained to him that his actions is no different from littering offence and he replied rudely that he is an undergraduate who do not need uncles to teach him what to do.

Haven graduate this kinda attitude. Graduate already how? civil servant somemore.”


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