Government shouldn’t penalise those Singaporeans who “have it”!

Singaporeans are more than a group of dissenters. Singapore is more than the social media. The government should be focusing on interests of Singaporeans at large, not a small group of people. Frankly speaking any country bound to have some dissenters and this group usually form a tiny percentage and they will never satisfy whatever the government do.

Singaporeans by and large are sensible, practical, down to earth, hardworking and supportive of the government. We work hard, put in a good competent government, support their policies, heed the ministers’ advice. We spend carefully, save the rest and invest them to give us good return. So it is not surprise today most Singaporeans are owning good assets like HDB flats, private properties, shares, gold bullion and for some even business companies. Because we are supportive of good government policies, because we are responsible citizens, because we work hard, we finally owned what we have.

We understand sometimes there is need for government step in to prevent property price rise uncontrollably. But once property price stabilised, the government should leave the scene and let market force determine the correct price. It’s unfair to property owners if the government implement too harsh measures killing their property values. Property owners worked so hard and save so hard in order to own their properties. Singapore is just a small size country with limited land so it’s understandable and only right that property will not be cheap. That’s basic economic logic. If Singapore property prices don’t rise then who in their right mind will buy property in Singapore?

Mr Mah Bow Tan once said if the government forced down HDB flat price and sell to Singaporeans, it is raiding the country’s reserves. We fully agreed what he said. Now Mr Khaw the HDB minister is over killing property prices with his measures. He is raiding the personal reserves of we the property owners! For 4 yrs our property values are going down trend. Some people may argue it is ok since we got no intention selling our properties. But who like to own a property whose price keep falling? When property value fall, our tenants will take opportunity ask for lower rent! The reason we don’t want sell our properties because one day we wish to give them to our children. Do you like give something that is worthless to your children?

Those people criticised high property prices are usually the one who had sold off their properties. They get the sale money, spent it away within 2 or 3 yrs and come back crying property price gone up too high! There are some cases I know, single man or single woman sold away their HDB flats, resigned their jobs and travel round world enjoy life! They return only when their money run out & start look for jobs and rent rooms from relatives or friends. They are single in their 40s or 50s, got no kids and no saving, so who is going to take care of them when they grow old? They will be the future burden for our children! If most Singaporeans can behave responsibly and take care our wealth, why can’t these people? How can the government punish we property owners just because some financially irresponsible people complained property prices are beyond their reach?

We “have it” because we are willing work hard, spend carefully and invest wisely. It’s not that the government give us free of charge 2 or 3 properties! No, is due to we work hard, we save hard, we invest wisely!

High property price is not a bad thing. It means the city is vibrant, full of lives, its economy is moving and people are encouraged work harder. Look at Malaysia, after 10 yrs the property price only grow not much. Even rental income also can’t increase much. Who will so stupid buy more property there? No way! Better put more money in Singapore or HK or London! So we hope the government will stop all those stupid measures of over killing Singapore property prices. Dissenters are only in small number, even property price drop to $1 they will never satisfy! Maybe if property price go up higher and cost of living go higher up, all these dissenters will start take life seriously and work hard!

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