Dear UniSIM,

Can we stop the half self-study half go to class learning style? It is seriously damn stupid to many students but we can’t do a thing. Ever since the e-learning/self learning has been introduced, my GPA has been dropping.

we all pay school fees to go to sch to learn. If it is lesson 1,3,5 self study lesson 2,4,6 go to school, can I pay half of the school fees?

Lessons were cut by half and you give us the reason that it is better because we can study online whenever we need. But the main thing is that most of us for the e-learning are part timers going to study after a whole day of stressful work. If there is no class we would take the time to rest. Study? perhaps… When we go for lesson 2 ALL of us are 100% blur. it is hard for the facilitator to teach as well as for us to understand what the teacher is talking about. You could investigate if this is true.

You might think that we have no discipline to make sure that we delicate our time to go online to learn. But think about this. We are poor students in this most expensive city in the world. we need to work to live. We are humans. We will be tired after work. Whole day I have been looking at the computer screen at work. After work I still need to go online and look at e-learning? I seriously cannot keep myself awake. Sat, sun some of us have to work too. Can you at least give me 1 day a week for me to relax and be with my family without having the need to fear of lacking in studies?
1 week 2-3 lessons including u-Core. 1 lesson is about 3 hours. If Mon to Fri I need to work and after work I reach home at 8pm I need to eat, shower and sleep. there is no time for online lessons. Sunday is family day, it means I have to do online lessons for 6hrs 2 lessons straight. workable? yes, but hectic.

A suggestion. You could conduct all 6 lessons as usual including the online e-learning. It will be so much better if we all go for class from lesson 1 as we are able to connect and learn. In a classroom environment it is harder for us to fall asleep compared to looking at the computer screen. There is interaction, better for learning. We will force ourselves to go for class. if we really missed lessons at least we could go online to learn when we are free.

Please do not save costs on hiring lesser facilitators for fewer lessons. I need to learn!


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