A reader sent us this complaint by one netizen “born to die” on Hardwarezone Forums:

“i was driving along TPE, behind a long line of other cars. traffic was average. i was 100% sure i was not speeding, i was just cruising behind a long line of traffic.

suddenly, out of the blue, TP bike flash me to pull over and say he clocked me at 126 km/hr. i say WTF, i was not speeding, either your eye got stamp or your machine spoil. he still gave me summon.

of course i did not want to pay, so i appeal 2 times but fail. WTF man, they can suka suka just do this one meh. in the end become court case. i ask judge how come they can charge me for something i did not do. i ask for video evidence the prosecutor say no have.

then the judge say conviction without video evidence is possible as the police officer’s testimony is usually sufficient. i stare at judge with my mouth open for like 10 seconds. i ask her what my options are, she say i can either avoid a lot of waste of time and money by compounding the fine and pleading guilty, or i can fight against the charge and risk the maximum penalty which might even have jail time, my pants almost wet sia. she says if i go trial, i must have a good defense if not just base on the police man words, it is enuff to prove beyond reasonable doubt. they gave me 3 weeks to think about it.

WTF man, singapore really really so fug up? i confirm chop not speeding also can kena this kind of cockshit.”

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