Please warn motorists not to enter this HDB Car Park No : BMEPL located in Everton Park between Blocks 1 to 7 to park. There is NO PARKING LOT within this car park except Loading and Unloading Lots. The whole car park is drawn with Double Yellow Lines (DYL).

The car park signboard is always indicating FULL day & night.

In the past, no enforcement action had been taken but now it is a $100 ticket for parking in DYL except for motorbikes.

This is under Tanjong Pagar GRC. See item no. 57 under Car Park provider: G Tech Pte Ltd at HDB InfoWEB.

The question is why call it a Car Park when there is NO PARKING LOTS ?

Isn’t this an ENTRAPMENT for motorists to loose $100 should you eat at this coffeeshop or visit shops there ?

Why $100 when LTA charges only $70 for the same offence on public roads ?

Many officers from CID, CNB and BMEPC are seen patronizing this coffeeshop very often.

Perhaps, LKY being the MP and Grassroots Leaders have not done their work for a long time…..!

Lucky Driver

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