A PRC man from Shandong was recently caught on camera cooking himself a meal with a rice cooker last Sunday morning at Hong Kong international airport.

Concerned Hong Kongers who approached the man discovered that there were more than meets the eye for this man’s bizarre behavior.

It turns out that Wu Jiayong, or “Rice Cooker Bro” as he is now known as in the Chinese press, had paid 5000 yuan to a labor middle-man who promised him that he could earn a monthly income of 11,000 yuan in Singapore. He realized that he had been lied to when he arrived in Singapore and other workers told him that there was no way he could make that much money. He decided to quit his job and return home to Shandong.

Wu only had 200 yuan on him as he made his way back to Shandong via Hong Kong as he had remitted all his money to his family. He says that the ticket costs for his return flight were also deducted from his pay.

While transiting in Hong Kong, Wu called his family using the internet to complain about his time in Singapore before taking a rest. When he arrived at the gate, he was dumbstruck when he realized that his plane had already departed at 12.05pm instead of the 12.55pm timing that he thought was scheduled for him.

Not having anything on him to eat, he went to a convenience store but found all the items too expensive. Unwilling to spend any more money than he should, he took out some rice that he had in his bag and a rice cooker that he was carrying ,went to a public bathroom to fill it up with water and began to cook his rice. It was at this point that Hong Kong reporters got in touch with him and helped send him on his way home.

Now safely back in his hometown of Laiwu, he says that he would not have made it back if not for the kind souls who offered him help when he needed it most. Hong Kong reporters paid for his food, drink and even put him up at a hotel and booked him a flight home to Shandong when they learnt of his plight. Wu was grateful as he claims that he had not had a proper meal all his time in Singapore.

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