According to Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew, public transport companies have improved their reliability. This comes in the wake of several high profile disruptions that caused inconvenience to thousands of commuters.

Key performance indicators such as number of train withdrawals and service delays are improving, Lui said, attributing the changes to a different approach to maintenance adopted by public transport providers.

“But while the statistics show improvement, the recent incidents are a stark reminder that we still have a significant way to go,” Lui said on Wednesday in Parliament.

Lui also noted that for most of 2014, public transport operators have made “significant inroads in improving reliability”. For instance, the number of train withdrawals on the North South Line and East West Line were halved o 1.1 per 100,000 train-km compared to 2.2 in 2013, back to 2007 standards.

Service delays lasting more than 5 minutes have also improved on the NSL and EWL, down to 1.3 in 2014 compared to 1.6 in 2012.

Lui said however, that he is “most upset” with the recent spate of breakdowns.

“While i can accept the occasional breakdown or even more severe disruption if it occurs very rarely, I am most upset with the current situation in the last few weeks. The operators must persevere and redouble their efforts to do better. They need to intensify their maintenance regime, undertake additional preventive and detection measures, as well as improve their processes to enable prompt and effective response to maintenance issues.”

He said the ministry would work with the companies to continue with track renewal and mid-life upgrades of their trains.

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