Former primary school teacher Ch’ng Cheng Ho was sentenced to 6 months jail on Wednesday for pressing and rubbing his groin against a woman’s shoulder on a bus.

The incident took place on SBS Transit Service 77 on 2nd June 2012. The 29 year-old victim had boarded the us at Orchard Road at about 9.45pm. Although the bus was crowded, the victim managed to find a seat.

Ch’ng boarded the same bus at Orchard Boulevard. At first, he stood at the front aisle of the bus to oogle the female passengers. He then chose his place next to the victim and stood beside her, pressing his groin area against her left shoulder. He did this for 5 minutes thinking that the victim did not notice his actions.

The victim tried to move away but Ch’ng kept going closer. Her husband detained him and called the police.

Ch’ng’s lawyer R. Dilip Kumar said in mitigation that his client was suffering from depression and struggling with frotteurism – which refers to the act of intentionally rubbing upa gainst or touching another, usually unsuspecting, person for sexual pleasure.

Ch’ng has a previous conviction in 2006. He now gives private tuition to support himself, has admitted himself to the Institute of Mental Health and is going for regular treatment. He claims Ch’ng is extremely remorseful for the offence.

Ch’ng could have received up to 2 years jail, fines and caning or a combination of penalties.

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