On 11 January, Li Qiangqing, Wei Shuihong, Zhu Zhaozong and Wei Wendong took a flight from Shenzhen to Singapore, loaded with about 32 packets of electronic devices.

The plan? To cheat elderly victims in Singapore by selling these junk components at high prices by convincing their victims that they were valuable. They wanted to use the money they “earned” to pay off debts at home.

The 4 men, aged between 48 and 53, cheated a 68 year-old housewife of $10,000 on 13th January. 50 year-old Wei pretended to ask the victim for directions when she was alone at a market in Tampines. While they were talking, he “dropped” one of the electronic parts.

48 year-old Zhu then showed up and asked Wei what the product was. Wei claimed that it was a valuable computer part and would be selling the parts for $50 a piece

53 year-old Li then joined in and told Zhu he was willing to buy the parts at $80 per piece. Zhu then told the victim he wanted to buy 800 of the items from Wei, and sell them to Li for a profit. But he said he did not have enough money and asked the victim if she wanted to chip in.

The victim agreed to buy $10,000 worth of the junk parts and went home to get the cash. She passed the cash to Zhu, who told her to wait at the void deck for Li. When Li failed to show up, she realized that she had been cheated and informed the police.

In the courts yesterday, the prosecution called for a jail term of 12 months for Li Zhu and Wei Shuihong, and 6 months for Wei Wendong. DPP Loh Hui-Min said that the sentences were necessary to deter foriegners who try to come here and commit crime. She also noted that the act was premeditated as they had specially flown in the junk parts from China.

The men are expected to appear in court to receive their sentences on 17th March.

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