If you think that your favorite hawker meal seems to have gotten smaller, you’re not imagining things.

In a bid to deal with the rising costs of ingredients in Singapore, some hawkers have taken to scrimping and saving on ingredients.

Even as the Consumer Price Index fell 0.4% last January, primarily because of the fall in oil and related petroleum products, the costs of raw materials and goods have continued to rise. The increases are due to shortages of manpower, rising rental and fixed capital costs.

Not all hawkers have chosen to reduce their ingredients. Others have raised their prices to cover their costs.

Reporters surveyed a number of hawker stalls within the vicinity. They found that Toa Payoh’s Block 206 An Soon Seafood has reduced the number of fish slices in its fish porridge from 7 to 5 pieces. In Bedok Hawker Center, a plate of hokkien mee that used to be served with two whole prawns are now served with 1 prawn sliced into 2 halves.

Even drinks are not exempt from the price increases. Consumers have reported paying more for their daily cup or being served less or in smaller cups.

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