Hey, my friend who runs a fishing boat just sent out warning to us not to eat any local fish for a few days:

Some tips for you guys on what u can and cannot buy from local market during this time.. The problem is that of the planckton toxicity that is killing the fishes not the lack of oxygen that news is reporting. This production of natural toxins resulted in the depletion of dissolved oxygen but it’s the toxins that are killing the fishes .

For now avoid eating all kinds of shellfishes( clams, mussels etc) and avoid all local fishes like Garoupa, pomfrets, even your local nasi lemak fish. The toxins when ingested as cooked food will not kill humans but can make us ill. Ciguatoxin as it’s called is heat stable which means it doesn’t matter how well you cook your fish , if the fish is contaminated, you will become poisoned. ciguatera poisoning symptoms can occur anywhere from 2 to 12 hours after eating fish. They include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, low heart rate and low blood pressure , metallic taste in the mouth and breathing problems in severe cases.

What u can eat are cod fish(鳕鱼) as those are not local fishes, tilapia fish( as that is fresh water fish), 生鱼( fresh water as well). Prawns are also not affected by this problem so prawns are very safe to eat.

Photo taken at Punggol Beach on last Sunday.

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