The ugly PRC tourists have struck again, this time in the well known cherry blossom gardens of Fuzhou, China.

At this time of the year, tourists and locals alike gather to admire the beautiful cherry blossom flowers that come into full bloom during this season.

However for some PRC tourists, just sitting back and taking in the sights does not seem to be enough.

A group of 5 PRC women were seen bringing along their 4 children to one particular locale, where in a bid to achieve a more exaggerated effect for their pictures, one of the oldest of the PRC women grabbed onto a branch of one of the cherry blossom trees and began shaking violently, causing some of the flower blossoms to fall to the ground.

As if not satisfied with the first round of pictures, the group walked to another tree and shook it with the same violence, causing even more flowers to fall as they snapped away with their cameras.

Several onlookers were aghast with their behavior, with some approaching the group to tell them to stop their boorish behavior. Unfazed, one of the PRC women shot back in Mandarin, “The flowers are meant to fall to the ground anyway!”

As if encouraged by the behavior of their elders, the group’s children also began to shake violently at the surrounding cherry blossom trees, damaging a number in the process. When one of the children broke a branch clean off one of the trees, he received no words of warning or admonishment from his parents.

The inconsiderate group left soon after they had gotten their pictures.

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