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Latest!!!! What are your thoughts!!!! The ruling party is really getting desperate & I believe info from the ground reveal that they are very vulnerable of losing big this GE.

My dad who is 88 yr old & leaving in Ang Mo Kio was visited by RC members yesterday. Mind you there are suppose to be neutral entity. They went door to door…They interview him and ask lots of question about current issue & Pioneer card. They even facilitate a one on one chat session on i-pad with Pinky…

This has never happen before in the 25 yrs that he lives there. That goes to show that pinky has lost touch with the older folks & the older folk knows what struggle & difficult times they have gone thru.

In my dad own words, the current bunch of useless, highly paid young minister has life too easy & implement irrational policy, greed & think highly of themselves. He has lost faith of the ruling government & unhappy with such issue like the CPF which was saving started by the old guards which was a good policy & they could enjoy the fruit of their labour at 55.

Now???? Mind you, the senior citizen between 55 – 90 yrs old form about 25-30% of the voters. These are the PAP diehard including my dad who went thru the difficult time with the old guards. That goes to show why they are desperately going house to house to have chat session one on one with Pinky. Also that goes to show the unhappiness even in his own backyard AMK GRC & he probably has feedback from the ground that he may lose this time round if he don’t change….

Netizen…. You make your own conclusion from this!!!!!!

Francis Lim

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