Comparison of salary between AETOS and SPF. Picture provided by contributor

Dear editor

It has come to my attention recently that the PAP is really sick in the mind. I have never seen a country where its political leaders do not put priority on their citizens. I have never seen a country where foreigners are placed in higher standing than her own citizens.

I came across a job ad by Auxilery police AETOS and I am disgusted to know that their basic salary is higher than our own Singapore Police Force salary!

Home affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean recently said they want to increase the number of police officers. But why should these police officers wannabe sign on for SPF when there are better options out there such as AETOS?

Another point I want to highlight is that AETOS officers are usually Malaysians. I usually see AETOS officers at our Airport checkpoints. How can you trust Malaysians to guard our borders? At these checkpoints, true blue Singaporeans have to be subjected to checks and take instructions from foreigners.

Not only our domestic security is now in the hands of foreigners, our external and military defence have been sold out to foreigners too. MINDEF recently launched the SAF Volunteer Corps scheme that allows PRs to join SAFVC as a military personnel on a voluntarily basis. It uses a different rank structure. However, MINDEF is quiet on comparative ranks between SAFVC personnels and non-SAFVC personnels. Is a true blue Singaporean 2LT or a true blue elite Naval Diver expected to salute to the lowest rank of the SAFVC who got his rank after a 30 day basic training? No one knows.

Why is the PAP government selling out Singapore to foreigners while the Ministers are earning millions and millions year after year leeching on the hardwork of true blue Singaporeans?

Angry Singaporean

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