A Malay woman who only wanted to be known as Madam Fifi has come out about her abusive husband.

For two years, she was helpless as her husband took out his rage on her elder son, who was born from her previous marriage. The boy was kicked, slapped, thrown on the floor and pinched on numerous occasions over the years.

“I felt that I was not fit to be a mother. I felt so guilty because there was nothing I could do to save my son from my husband’s beatings.”

Once, she tried to intervene but ended up being beaten too. She suffered a gash above her lip.

On Tuesday, the boy’s teachers noticed that there were injuries on his head and thighs, which resulted from the latest beating by his stepfather.

Madam Fifi said, “I was not surprised because his injuries were quite bad. I am thankful because all these years, I did not dare to seek treatment for him as I was afraid of what my husband would do to me.”

Madam Fifi had married her husband in 2012. Although he was kind to her and her son at first, things changed after the birth of her second child. For about 2 years after, he would beat his elder son and her if things did not go well for him at home.

“At first I tried to stop him, but he ended up hitting me as well. Once I had a gash above my lip that required 2 to 3 stitches. After that, I became fearful. I wanted to help my son but many times I would end up trembling and not be able to move,” Madam Fifi recounted.

She said that she applied for a personal protection order from the police last year, but the beatings did not stop.

The latest incident, which resulted in the injuries that led to the boy’s hospitalization, took place last Saturday.

“My two boys were playing running around and making a lot of noise. I told them to be quiet as my husband was sleeping after his night shift.” Madam Fifi said. However, they ignored her and ended up waking their father up.

“He took it out on my older son by kicking him in the chest and picking him up and throwing him onto the floor twice.”

The boy suffered bruises on his thighs and a cut on his right ear. His teacher saw the injuries on Tuesday.

“I didn’t even know that he was admitted to hospital until a social worker told me. But I’m glad he could receive treatment,” said Madam Fifi, who then made a police report.

Madam Fifi and her sons are under police protection for the time being. The police have confirmed that a 27 years-old man has been arrested for breaching the personal protection order.

Madam Fifi said that she had suffered in silence for 3 years hoping that her second marriage would work out. “I realized I should have told my neighbors so they could look out for my children and me. This has been a painful but important lesson.”

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