A new study has found that foreign domestic workers, or maids as they are commonly referred to, are more at risk of developing mental health problems than Singaporeans.

The study was conducted by the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOE) and unveiled today. The report said that over a quarter of the maids it interviewed, mostly from the Pilippines, were suffering from poor mental health.

This means that more than 2 out of 10 maids have poor mental health as compared to an IMH study conducted in 2010 which showed that at east 1 in 10 people in Singapore will have mental illness in their life.

Factors contributing to the poor mental health conditions include poor working or living conditions.

The most severe symptoms amongst those surveyed include psychoticism, which is when the sufferer loses touch with reality and begins seeing hallucinations, as well as depression and interpersonal sensitivity, which means they feel inferior or inadequate compared to others.

The study also reported that over half of the participants experienced some form of exploitative or abusive behaviour.

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