The battery of the underwear locator beacon of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 Flight Data Recorder (FDR) had expired in December 2012.

Flight MH370 vanished on 8 March 2014.

The 584-page report, titled Factual Information Safety Investigation for MH370 released by Malaysian government on Sunday said maintenance records revealed that the battery on the beacon attached to the FDR expired on December 2012.

This finding suggests that rescue teams listening for “pings” from the beacons of the FDR may never even had a chance of detecting the signals coming from it.

The report does not give much clues why the flight vanished in the first place.

The international team of aviation experts who compiled the report said the battery on the beacon of the cockpit voice recorder was working.

They also looked into the backgrounds of Captain, First Officer and cabin crew but there were nothing suspicious on them.

A Jakarta aviation expert Gerry Soejataman said “There is nothing much to go on with the new report because there is little to analyse”.

Australian-led search effort in the southern Indian Ocean where the plane is believed to have crashed is ongoing.

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