Dear editor
It was reported in the news yesterday that local animal lovers group Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) has set up a specialised unit to deal with crime against animals. This new unit called Animal Crime Investigation Unit (ACIU) will perform undercover operations to uncover crime against animals. This was reported in CNA [link] and your site [link]. ACRES is headed by Louis Ng, a well known animal lover in Singapore who has joined the PAP in 2014 to promote animal welfare.
I will like to bring your attention to a funny incident that happened in 2011. My uncle shared the story during our recent Chinese New Year family gathering. 
My uncle has a friend who runs a Chinese seafood stall in Whampoa. It is a typical BBQ seafood stall that sells BBQ stingray, shellfishes, and roasted chicken wings.
Outside this food stall, there is a glass tank where live crabs are put on display. When any customer orders a crab dish, they can choose the crab they fancy and the stall owner will cook it. It is a chinese food stall setup that is commonly seen in Singapore's food culture.
One day, officers from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore or the AVA, the national agency in charge of food safety, issued a warning notice to the food stall owner. The reason given was: Someone made an anonymous complaint against the food stall owner. The complainant argued that the crabs were tied up with strings which restricted their movements, and the tank was overcrowded with crabs. Therefore, the crabs are suffering and that was animal cruelty! 
Luckily, AVA officials never followed up on that case. It will be hilarious if the case was brought up before the Courts. Can you also imagine the stall owner queuing up in Meet the People session to appeal against the fine? 
That funny incident was actually covered by the Chinese evening papers in the same year. The reporters then had conducted an interview with ACRES chief executive Louis Ng who actually said "ACRES disagrees with stall owners tying up and stacking the crabs as it will restrict their movements. We hope stall owners can abide by AVA's minimum requirements which states that confined animals shall have sufficient space for movement".
After I read yesterday's news that ACRES had set up ACIU to conduct undercover operations, I suddenly remembered this incident which was related to me. Isn't it a strange coincidence that an such an absurd anonymous complaint was made against a food stall owner a few years ago, then the "expert" who was interviewed happened to be Louis Ng from ACRES?
I certainly hope that ACRES is not related to Animal Liberation Front (ALF) ! LOL. ALF is an extremist organisation that conducts activities (which may be illegal) to further their animal rights agenda.

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