Two men were charged on Friday with vandalising an electrical box belonging to the Land Transport Authority last month.

Muhammad Shukri Noordin and Muhammad Ismail Hamid, both 26, are accused of using a black marker to draw a caricature of a person with the word “Maun” on the electrical box along Hindoo Road at about 3am on Feb 18.

Police said they received a report of graffiti painted on the wall of a building along the service road near Hindoo Road on Feb 18.

A further search revealed similar graffiti on the wall of another building at Dunlop Street.

Shukri and Ismail, who were arrested on Wednesday, indicated that they intend to plead guilty.

If convicted, they could each be fined up to $2,000 or jailed for up to three years plus caning of three to eight strokes.

They will appear in court again on March 27.

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