Customs authorities in Bangladesh made a shocking discovery in the luggage of a North Korean diplomat, who had flown to the country on a flight from Singapore.

“We recovered gold both in the form of bars and ornaments from Son Young Nam, the first secretary of the North Korean Embassy in Dhaka,” said Moinul Khan, Director-General Custom Intelligence Department.

The recovered gold items weighed about 27 kg total and is estimated to be valued at $1.4 million in total.

In normal circumstances, visitors can bring in a maximum of $1,282 worth of gold.

Son was released after several hours of interrogation, but Bangladesh authorities are still considering charges.

The arrest comes after Bangladesh said that its two international airports have seen a big rise in illegal gold movement, with smugglers frequently caught red handed.

This fiasco comes in the wake of a recent visit by North Korean Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Ri Gil Song, who visited Singapore to discuss bilateral cooperation and exchange views on regional and international developments.

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