In response to a question in parliament yesterday, Minister of Manpower Tan Chuan Jin replied that the average income of taxi drivers in 2014 was S$3,173 for single shift drivers, and S$5,933 for a double-shift drivers.

Tampines MP Irene Ng Phek Hoong had asked what was the average annual salary of taxi drivers in Singapore, and about the numbers and educational qualifications of taxi drivers.

In response to the second half of her question, Tan said that as of December 2014, “about 98,000 Singaporeans held a Taxi Driver’s Vocational Licence” and that “about 56,000 of them were registered with taxi companies”. Four in five were above the age of 50 and 90% had at least secondary school education.

However, Tan said that the Ministry does not have data on how many taxi drivers were formerly in PMET (professionals, managers, executives and technicians) jobs.

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