Dear editor,

I want to complain about this website called Seeking Arrangement for promoting immoral and maybe even illegal activities in our conservative society. The website arranges for rich young men to meet young girls so that he can be her sugar daddy by showering her with money and expensive things in exchange for sex. How can the authorities allow such a indecent website to operate on our shores, and do you know that they even have an office in Singapore??

Does the government even know about the dangers which lurk behind this website which tries to pass itself off as a 'dating' website when actually it is a prostitution website? Even though prostitution in Singapore is legal, the women's charter makes it illegal for pimps to earn off prostitutes so the website could actually be illegal because it is making money off their clients right? Does the government also know about how the website can corrupt the minds of our youth by luring them into the seedy business of selling themselves in exchange for designer bags and clothes, and can even break up families because most of these rich sugar daddies are married men.

I am a married mother of 2 young girls, and I constantly worry about my girls being exposed to such vice and being taken advantage of especially since I cannot prevent them from using the internet because they have to use it to study and do their homework. As you know, nowadays many kids including those in my girls' school like to show off their branded bags and latest hi-tech gadgets but as a working mum, I cannot afford these luxuries for my girls even though I try my best to buy them what they want.

If they see that their friends are all carrying branded bags and they will also want these things and may turn to such indecent activities to get money to buy it. I know that a website alone cannot force them into doing it if they are so determined, but at least if it is blocked by the authorities they will have one less outlet to turn to.

The government is always promoting the importance of family and family values in Singapore. Even Minister Chan Chun Sing said that he does not welcome the website Ashley Madison because it actively promotes infidelity and disregards our public morality. So if they can ban Ashley Madison, I also hope that the government will look into Seeking Arrangement and ban it too.


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