Theoretically, focusing on skilled training may be right way to go for some of the job holder who is thinking of switching job due to the extinction of the jobs, retrenchment or upgrading to higher post due to qualifications criteria.

Whilst the framework ensures long term employability, the next question is implementation.

Is the employer receptive to allow staff to go off for training vs daily tasks to be completed?

Will employer shift the training cost to employee as now credit amount is given to employee?

Is the institute (managed by WDA) able to provide targeted customize special courses needed by the workforce (not those like ms office courses which may be useless but like aviation, shipping, therapist related type of courses)?

Thereafter completing the course, will this certification enable the better career opportunity?

Should the WDA and MOM actively participate and allocated the right resources to match jobs to existing skilled workforce; helping our local Singaporean?

The ground workable solutions here are important to avoid the unnecessary loss of existing skilled workforce to another industry while training potential ones. Since 20 years ago the Union and MOM have already embarked on upgrading to improve the compensation package and meeting the demand of the restructuring of workforce, why is it that this issue still continue a problem till today?

Why are Singaporean brand as “choosy” where some jobs have no taker but to rely on foreign workers?

Is it there a missing gap in implementing the policy and the measures?

With a huge civil service workforce and unable to address this pressing issue which has since escalated to loss of public trust; is the root of the issue being determined or avoided as the mix of various concurrent running fiscal measures are not reaping the benefits and a workable solution.

An eg the overwhelming high business and living cost vs the perception of getting a high paid job; this is the controversial underlying issue why some jobs are shunt; in addition to highly pricing Hdb flats, isn’t it obvious why we are being forced to take higher paid jobs?

Today, a commentary noted that Singapore is ranked 1st in the high cost of living compared to U.S.. Hong Kong ranked 10th.. Is pricing of the utopian “world class” infrastructure correct at hindsight, in view of potential upcoming Asia “tiger/dragon” like Thailand / China; In few years time, they may overtake Singapore.

An increasing addition or improvement is important to push Singapore ahead of others, would the concurrent development of software (human capital) and local big enterprise equally important too? It is sad to say since independence, we don’t have a Singapore product / enterprise (like Sony, Samsung, Apple) which we are proud of; we once had a product called “Creative Sound Blaster” which is currently not worth mentioned by our local government.. It is an irony.. A point for our government to ponder carefully..

Allen Wong Hoi Loon

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