Yesterday me and my family turned on the TV to watch the news, and there was a debate in parliament between PAP MPs about the recent budget given by the government. After I watched it, I felt that the whole thing was just one big wayang show, with all of the white dog MPs taking turns to praise the government for their excellent policies.

If I were to reduce the whole parliament debate into one sentence, it would be like this:

“The government should not give too much benefits to citizens, otherwise we will become a welfare state and Singapore will become bankrupt.”

If we’re talking about fears of a welfare state, I think we can safely say that no one expects the government to pay for everything that we need. We don’t need free food on the plate, we have been working and paying for our own bills for a very long time.

What we want are things to alleviate the unbearable costs of living in a country where our jobs and wages are constantly being suppressed by so many foreigners. Our transport prices also keep rising despite breakdowns and traffic jams… Then there’s our hospitals, which also keep raising prices even though they don’t have enough beds and nurses to give us the proper healthcare.

In the first place, where the hell does the government’s money come from? Isn’t it from tax payers’ money, our hard earned blood and sweat money?

If these highly paid monkeys are going to sit there and talk about giving too many “benefits” to citizens using our money, then why don’t they talk about their 5 figure salaries as they sit there and talk cock in parliament?

They also forget that it is us, local hardworking Singaporeans who have been working and toiling for this country, that makes Singapore a success. The reason why this country is where it is today is because of us, the citizens, not because of these wastrels in parliament.

So if anyone wants to talk about giving too many benefits, despite rising costs of living, rising COEs, rising hospital expenses, rising overcrowding and rising unhappiness among Singaporeans, maybe they should try walking in our shoes for a change and see how they would fare without their million dollar salaries and homes, expensive restaurants, luxury cars, personal drivers, professional chefs and other boot licking servants.

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