Dear editor

I am very upset and disappointed with our country’s public transportation system.

Yesterday (3 March 2015), East-West line was down during peak period. The platform was overflowed with angry commuters. The escalators were not functioning and the unthinking SMRT station staff allowed more commuters into the station, adding more human traffic to the congested areas.

The angry commuters stuck on the platforms had to shove their way down to take the shuttle bus. Many of these commuters have worked the whole day for their pay cheques and they were looking forward to return home to enjoy a comfortable meal and spend times with their family.

When you have an angry crowd who were stuck and knew that shuttle buses take ages to arrive, it is a potential disaster because tempers flare and commuters may disregard civility to push their way through. Did SMRT, LTA and the emergency agencies consider the possibility of a stampede? Did they consider commuters who may have medical conditions who cannot stand in prolonged period in the stuffy crowd? Is the station manager prepared if anyone fainted?

I really hope PAP gets voted out the coming elections so that our concerns will finally be heard by those million dollar ministers.


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