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Dear editor
On 26 Feb, Channel NewsAsia published a piece "Singaporeans express Budget concerns at forum". It carried a comment by PAP Minister of State for Finance and Transport Josephine Teo who said "[national] service for the country cannot be measured in dollars and cents".
After that CNA article was published, you guys ran a piece by a former NS clerk who witnessed the stark reality of a lowly-paid conscript in the SAF which stoked raw nerves of many NS men who slogged their 2 years away for the country but their efforts were whitewashed by a dumb PAP female politician who did not serve NS and does not know the reality on the ground. 
I came across a sharp-eyed blogger The Lycan Times 狼人時報  who noticed that the original CNA article was deleted. The blogger kept a screenshot of the report which I have attached.
I do not see any reasons why CNA had to remove that said article. Is it because the PAP elites were quoted out of context or CNA were under some form of political pressure? I find it amusing that in this internet age CNA thought they could just quietly remove contents from their site and prayed that the public will be kept in the dark.
Screenshot of the deleted article:
True Blue Singaporean

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