Disclaimer: these are just MY personal opinions. I’m not paid to write this and no one from PAP is holding a gun at the back of my head.

LKY- deserving of respect?

i’m going to give my point of view in this status so you can chose to read it or ignore.

i believe that LKY is a good man and within his capabilities and resources 50 years ago, he did a good job in the building of this nation that the world look up to (ya ya i know being the most expensive city to live in isn’t desirable).

our country might be in some serious problem right now but that’s not the doings of LKY, when he was ruling the country he did good. And please remember that PAP ≠ LKY. so if you’re blaming the policies of the PAP, you don’t have to implicate LKY all the time.

That being said, I’m not a die-hard brainwashed fan of LKY like how city harvesters are to Kong Hee. I’m just giving my respects and showing appreciation to him. If it’s another person who did what he did, he will also get his due respect from me.

Yeah, I’m no nobody but at least I know how to give thanks and credit when it’s due.

Singapore might not be the best place to make a living right now but I’m still thankful for the shelter over my family’s head, food on my table and the security of the country.
I don’t have to be worried that my sister, mother, female friends getting raped if they come home late. I can walk to the MRT station at 2am to buy a pack of cigarettes without being worried of getting mugged. I am educated and able to access the finer things in life.

These are simple yet significant things you should consider and not taking everything for granted.

I just hope people can be more reasonable and grateful. Recognize the fact that LKY might not be perfect but hell his achievements are unmeasurable.
we can say that Singapore wouldn’t be the same without him, because bloody hell true. if back then our prime minister is not LKY, things might have been better yes BUT things could have turned out worse.

so be thankful for what you have and stop whining on what you don’t.

I’m not worshipping (and not asking you to) LKY, I’m just asking you to be respectful and show some gratitude to the man who made significant contributions to Singapore.

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