Singapore has become a disgusting hell hole of foreigners and filth under the PAP’s open-leg policy these few years. These days when you go on the MRT, you just hear birds and ducks sounds coming from all the foreigners. I suspect only 2 out of 10 people you meet on the MRT these days in Shenton Way are local Singaporeans!

Just within these past two days, newspapers reported on 3 cases of murders commited by foreigners in Singapore.

Thai woman murders Singaporean man by throwing him off his high rise North Bridge Road flat.

China man stabs his girlfriend after he suspects she has another man

Indian national bashes fellow Indian’s head in with rock, tree branch and slabs of concrete.

So who was the stupid ball-less ass who said that Singaporeans commit more crimes than foreigners?

If we continue to let the PAP run wild with its uncontrolled immigration policy, allowing every tom, dick and harry from third world countries to come and stay in Singapore, we will be finished. Foreigners will bury us in their shit.

Soon foreigners will take over our jobs, rape our women, hurl vulgarities at us, hog our roads and increase our COE prices. Then the useless government ministers are still going to tell us to be “more accepting” of foreigners.

Face it locals, we’re fucked!!!

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