We Are Offshore Farmers From Singapore. On the 28/2/15, we lost 80% the fishes we had to environmental crisis known as Plankton bloom.

The Loss is immense. We are on the verge of losing the workers, the farm and everything we have and it is not just because of broken supply but because of the news and speculations.

The news and speculations doesn’t help at all. They are creating panic to Singaporean on whether the fishes are safe to eat or not.

But the fact is, we dont sell dead fishes. We still have reaming 20% of live healthy fishes which we saved by transferring them away from troubled water and we are still selling that.

On top of that, we have friends from other farms and fisherman from all over Singapore helping to supply us fishes temporarily so we don’t break the demand chain. We are not asking for much.

We hope to raise enough to only help us pay off expense for at least 3 months since now both demand and supply are in the ditch. Your donation will help buy us some time to get back on our feet while we venture new ways to finance the farm.

We shall make this note again, we are still selling healthy and safe to eat fishes which we have transferred them other farms thus do visit our website www.ahhuakelong if you wish to order some seafood.


Watched the video and wish to help us out?

There are 2 ways you can

1) Order our fishes Please continue to order our fishes. We still have about 20% of fishes which is still alive and healthy. We saved this fishes last week when we transferred them away from troubled waters.

2) Help us our financially Have some spare cash with you and wish to help us out?

Please click on the link below. https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/ah-hua-kelong-fish-farm-relieve-effort/x/10036066 (Don’t have to give us too much, this website can crowdfund so if all our customers give us $1, we are able to survive for the next 1 months or so.

Ah Hua Kelong

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