An opinion I am seeing making the rounds is that Mr. Lee Kuan Yew gave Singapore economic prosperity at the expense of liberty. This is the common myth propounded by Western liberals and their local stooges.

I ask you : what freedoms did Lee Kuan Yew take from us?

The freedom to slander and malign public figures ? Why would any civilised society want to do that ? Yet apart from this, people still freely exercise their freedom to curse to die and insult the very man they say took away their freedom of speech.

You want the freedom to insult and make fun of other people’s race and religion in the name of freedom of speech? If you do, you need to ask yourself what is wrong with you.

You want the freedom to riot, to spit, to urinate in lifts, to have ugly dried-up chewing gum plastering our pavements? The freedom to spray graffiti on public property, to vandalise, to protest outside other people’s homes and businesses and disrupt their lives and livelihoods ? The freedom to litter, throw rubbish from our apartments?

For these are all examples given by these liberals and their stooges of how ‘draconian’ our society is.

If these are the ‘freedoms’ we had to give up for a prosperous, stable country, then not only do I say no great loss, but more, even if you say we should get them now, I say take these awful ideals back to your own societies and stay away from mine.

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