1. Uneasy calm – though the eventual demise of LKY may stir up a few feathers initially, everything will go back to normalcy pretty soon as to all its credit, the government has put forth a sound succession plan since the patriarch retires many years ago. His absence will not be missed much though senior citizens will mourn his loss as they saw the passing on of a man who has brought them out of a very dark period of colonial rule.

2. Stock market jittery – the stock market may suffer a short jolt initially but should recover quickly when news of his demise hits the street. A one-day public holiday may even be declared for people to mourn his loss the day after or on the day of his funeral.

3. General election – the soon-coming general election will probably be called 3-6 months after his demise to garner sympathy votes which may arrest the plummeting popularity of the ruling party. Voters who sit on the fence may just vote for the PAP out of gratitude for someone who has brought a small fishing port from third to first world within four decades. Though he is a established tyrant, his achievements far outweigh his gross shortcomings especially those atrocities that targetted his political opponents.

4. Grand funeral – a very grand funeral will be held in his honour and heads of state from all over the world will attend the occasion. The funeral may span over a week so people have the opportunity to mourn his loss. Flags will fly half-mast for a period to remember his death.

5. Airport named after him – the new airport may be named after him to recognise his contributions to the country. His contributions are enormous and everything will be thought out to remember this person for many generations to come.

6. Retirement of current prime minister – with his eventual demise, the current Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong may weigh his options to retire as he has served for the past ten years amidst a very trying turbulent period. It could come after the next general election as he mentions that he has already somewhat identify a potential successor. it is also clear that he does not get on too well with the current population who has became more vocal and questioning. Many also do not like him bringing in too many military top-brass to help govern the country as they lack the political acumen to bring across their ideas convincingly to the people.

7. Rift within party – LKY demise may deepen a rift within the party as the Prime Minister tries to bring in his own people from the loyal military ranks to strengthen his power base. However, its unsure how this rift will jeopardise the chances of the party at the next general election. A internal break-up seems unlikely though we have seen top ex-government officers eg Tan Jee Say and Dr Ang Yong Guan contesting the next election as opposition candidates and more will eventually join up closer to the day of the election.

8. Setting up of foundation fund – a foundation fund set up in his name to help unfortunate children may be on the cards as the is genuinely concerned for those who aspire to study further but couldn’t due to personal reasons. He already has several bursary funds set up in his name now but one more after his demise won’t hurt him much. Moreover, his personal fortune should be in the hundreds of millions and he is known to give alot to the needy.

9. Overseas dissidents – this group of overseas dissidents may eventually try to return home when they hear that the strongman has pass away.
Dissidents like Mr Tan Wah Peow and Francis Seow who have stay away overseas for fear of persecution for many years will try to apply to the government to return home.
It is hope that this group of dissidents who were banished from the country for many decades due to their opposing political views will be allowed to return home to ease the bad blood the government has created between LKY and his political enemies.
Many people also saw LKY as someone who is ruthless in hunting down any political dissident and their grant to return home will hopefully smoothen any ill feelings the population has towards the tyrant.

10. End of the last post-war connection – with his eventual demise, this could be the final link to any connection the country has with the post-war era.
Many of his former colleagues have passed on and he remains the last man standing.
Singapore needs to find its own footing after the passing-on of a great man and I am sure we can survive after that.

Gilbert Goh

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