I m unemployed and middle class, I don’t get anything from the budget.

All those one off are just small expenditure, their constant increases of recurring of HDB prices, UtIlities, Transport, basic necessities are scary, those are permanent blood sucking.

Don’t be tricked by their nice marketing and words, most people don’t get anything. The access and criteria are so stringent that few can enjoy. Remember histories tell you, of the whole social spending, only 20% are spent, which means 80% of social spending went back to the bank as many people are blocked.

I recently gone to market, every item has gone up 40% in just 12 months. Don’t believe check old Chang Kee curry puff, now $1.70 from $1.20.

My friends, wages remain stagnant but now everything goes up every few months. Is this sustainable when foreigners are still coming in to displace you from your stagnant job?

Think far.. Think about your loans and future of your children.


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