Mr Tharman , if we don’t want to use this fund, for this $500 fund, can it straightaway cashed out by all of us Singaporeans ? If not , then what is the use of this SkillsFuture Credit for us Singaporean if we don’t use it ? Cannot cash out , it is as good as you have allocated nothing for us Singaporeans out of it , right ? And you will be talking like you have given us a lot of money to us Singaporean ! The whole country Singaporeans don’t need this type of useless SkillsFuture Credit fund . Singaporeans need is real cash payback to all of us now !

Especially that the whole country has so much money and should pay and compensate back for all our National Service /reservist losses of income,low NS allowance,service,injuries,extra duties,no 13th bonuses in NS,no overtime claim during reservist,precious youth life wasted for National Service sake,job opportunities gone as a result of National Service , ………. Mr Tharman ,you have totally nothing to be given to those completed National Service/reservist and are over 40 years old at all ???? I wonder whether the woman in the picture above behind Mr Tharman , is that woman Tin Tin Tin ?

MP Tin Tin Tin now pregnant will get later after childbirth = $16000 MP pay x 4 months maternity leave = $64,000 free taxpayers $$$ pay

When the country is poor , all the males will not ask for a single cent of return . However , now the country is so super-rich , you Mr Tharman as Finance Minister give nothing back to male who had hard sweat their youth for National Service and reservist commitment ? Is that justifiable ? Look , Tin Tin Tin is so well paid at MP pay of $16,000 , right ? You mean Tin Tin Tin cannot afford to pay for her own personal gain of childbirth and yet need all of us male after serving National Service to pay more taxes to finance to the government for rich woman childbirth such as Tin Tin Tin ???? Mr Tharman, you have lost all the honour for the position of Finance Minister , GET LOST !


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