by Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

The latest installment of the franchise Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen collected $2.8 million in 4 days during the Chinese New Year holidays.

This film is also the top grossing opening weekend Asian movie of all-time.

Director Jack Neo says, “It is definitely a great assurance for the team to know that the movie managed to top the chart amid the competitive environment this year. With everyone’s support, we defended our tuf and this is a victory for the local movie industry! Hooya!”

Singaporeans who were interviewed by ST are looking forward to next year’s installment of Ah Boys To Men. However, some Singaporeans are not happy with the way SAF is being portrayed in the films.

“They should do one movie on storemen,” said Chao Keng Kia “You think Commandos and NDU can fight war if we storeman always twang inside canteen? You think counting ammo is easy?”

Mr Gen Pi Chong added, “As usual, Jack Neo only show the wayang but forgot about the support roles. You know some COs very lazy. So we drivers drive them around and sometimes they use us and MID cars to run their personal errands such as buying beef horfun from Geylang or sending their wives to the airport… I know that is wrong but I cannot say no, right? Our pain who knows? We move the army you know? ”

Jack Neo did not respond to our e-mails by press time.

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