I talked to my medical profession friends. This is what they said.

Lee Kuan Yew would have been given a course of IV antibiotics upon admittance. This is one week course. So, he should be recovering and show an improvement by the second week. Big difference if its a bacteria or viral pneumonia. Bacteria will response to antibiotics, viral can turn bacterial, but if not, the body has to fight the viral pneumonia.

In his condition, its not sure that he can fight a viral pneumonia. In any case, if he does has the less potent bacteria pneumonia, then the SGH protocol is to hit him with the strongest kind of anti biotics. Even if it works and he pulls through, there is a good chance it will screw up his kidney and liver functions.

In any case, if he is there for one month, then he is not coming out of this alive. So, bros, cross our fingers. Less then 2 more weeks to go. Now for the caveat.

Looking at the management of his wife during her coma, my friends are speculating that the Lees will keep old fart on life support for a few years even though he may be brain dead. Modern medical science can keep his corpse breathing like his wife, for years.

A few years down the road, they may decide to pull the plug on him, and send him off on the gun carriage. the real reason why he has not resign or retired is that as long as he is a MP, he can get all his medical bills and hospital room paid for.

If they decide to keep him on life support for the next 3 years even after he is brain dead, the taxpayers have to foot the bill. I estimate $5000 a day for the taxpayer to keep this vampire in life support. Class A1 is $850 a day, then have to add speclalist and consultant fee, nursing care cost, chest x rays, tests, etc.

Taxpayers better get ready to shell out $1.85 million a year to keep this shit on life support. I hope they don't continue to pay him his bloody salary at the same time.


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