Message from Hanrey Low – Please help SHARE! Help us to find other affected victims and also prevent your friends and family from being a victim of Car Dealer’s Fraud !
Be extremely cautious when making your purchase with 2nd hand car dealers! It’s getting too easy for them!

If you bought a car from Cars Today Pte Ltd since 2013, please check that the vehicle you purchased is being listed as your assets in
If it is not listed as one of your assets, it is most likely an asset of Kenso Leasing Pte Ltd instead and your vehicle is in danger of being repossessed! It is most likely on the repo list already!

There are many cars affected and only a handful of us are in contact. If you are one of the victim or have any information for us, please email us at [email protected]

Please SHARE! For those who wants to know more about the incident, do continue reading.

So it happened like this, I bought a car at almost $50k from them last December and paid fully (no loan) to James Poh and Matthew Poh of Cars Today Pte Ltd. (I should have given them in 10 cents!)

This dealer sells on consignment basis so the car they sell do not belong to them. What they earns is an agent fee from seller and buyer.

However after the purchase and making full payment, they transferred the ownership to Kenso Leasing Pte Ltd instead of me which is the actual owner.
I am still unsure why they did that or how are they even allowed to do that. Also funny that Kenso Leasing will just take other people’s car allowing Cars Today to transfer the to them. It’s not just one but many.

Not sure if Kenso Leasing and Cars Today are into this together.

But anyway, the ownership of the car I bought is being given to Kenso leasing and they have the rights “by Law” to repossess the cars. So my car is on the Repo list. And I lived in fear now that my car that I bought with my hard earned money will be taken from me anytime to be resell by Kenso Leasing.

It is obvious that it is a planned fraud that James Poh transferred the car to Kenso leasing after I bought it and did not inform me. (Hopefully the police sees this as a fraud)
Found out that the car was still not being transferred to me in Jan and when I questioned James, he only gave other excuse and did not state the truth. He even asked me to go down to his office to pay the 6 months road tax renewal of $898.

Police report had been made and also tried to contact the investigation team to provide more details to them before Chinese New year but they won’t provide me with contact of the team and they also did not get back to me as promised.

After the news broke out about the case, James can still ask me to get a lawyer to file a suit against Cars Today Pte Ltd! This shows his confidence that there is nothing we can do about it as his company is a Private Limited! We will not be able to retrieve our losses if the company closes and we still have to pay the legal fees.
Feeling lost.

Anybody have any information on James Poh, please let us know at [email protected]
Thank you very much for sharing and reading this super long post.

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family! Have an Awesomely Healthy and happy Year round!

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