Dear Sir,

The tripwires set up by the PAP after their loss of the Aljunied GRC have finally come to light. More will come to light when a rump President is left behind holding a second key when the PAP loses power entirely.

There is thus no point for WP Chief Low Thia Khiang to lament to PM Lee that nobody wanted to work for him or that the transition of power be depoliticized when a GRC is lost. It simply will not happen and the politics of assassination will not subside.

The PAP is a hegemonic power that destroys and monopolizes everything that stands in its path. The GRC is a structure that is calculated to make you fail along with the town councils policed by a new body called the AGO.

From the hind sight of the past 3 years and the tremendous difficulty of sourcing for a management agent to perform mere municipal functions it is clear that there are many hidden landmines which can blow up a friendly B team to pieces even though their only aspiration is to act as a co-driver and not to succeed as a future Prime Minister. We now know how dangerous it is to run a town council when MP’s who should be focusing on national issues are bogged down by fish-ball sticks and mud-slinging.

The fear of being “check-mated” by legions of “checkers” when the next GE is just around the corner has conspired to produce more than a “Liang San Ba Chu Ying Tai” opera. The latest Golden Jubilee hit entitled “Phantom of the Parliamentary Opera” starring the Minister of Law and the Minister of National Development can send shivers down the spines of the audience as well as incumbent MP’s, town councilors and managing agents as well.

As yet we do not know what is the next move by the PAP and whether they intend to make good their dire warning that unlawful acts have been committed by the WP and the town council. If so they should report straight to the CAD or the CPIB. Merely suspending the grant of subsidies to APHTEC residents is to wrongly punish honest law abiding citizens whose only “crime” was to vote for the opposition in May 2011. The whole thing may well backfire and no voter will ever “repent” their sin of daring to vote opposition.

Thus far the WP’s response to the onslaught has been less than robust. To regain the initiative it must present their case directly to the Singapore people. Open all books if need be and accept the challenge to “come clean”. If not a cent is missing there is nothing to fear or hide. Singaporeans are not fools and they will welcome an opportunity to hear you out with an open heart and open mind.

In a situation where the main stream media is monopolized by the PAP hoping that the voters will not read or watch their out-pouring is simply not good enough. The social media is influential up to a certain extent. To stem the onslaught the WP must go back to the people and be energized by them. It cannot wait for the 9 day election campaign to kick start their counter offensive.

Seize the time before it’s too late!


Patrick Low

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