A mother could not contain her satisfaction when she set fire to the home of her daughter’s killer.

Five years ago, Diena Thompson’s daughter, Somer, was murdered in a home near Jackson, Florida.

Her 7-year-old daughter was walking home from school with friends and siblings when she peeled away from the group to pet a dog outside the home of her killer, Jared Harrell, 29.

The killer then cajoled her into the house where he proceeded to rape her and later suffocated her to death, according to reports.

Somer’s body was found several days later in a Georgia landfill.

Harrell was sentenced to serve six life sentences. The house, which belonged to Harrell’s mother, eventually went into foreclosure.

The bank donated the house to the Somer Thompson Foundation, a charity launched by Diena Thompson.

Mrs Thompson then decided to donate the house to the Orange Park Fire Department for fire training exercises.

On Thursday (Feb 12), the fire department invited Ms Thompson to set the house ablaze.


Ms Thompson hurled a flare the window of the house and watched it go up in smoke.

Describing it as a cathartic experience, she said: “I get to burn their house down.

“I am the big bad wolf this time, knocking down your door.”

And as she observed the flames as it engulfed the house, she added: “Burn baby burn, burn”.

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