Photo: Alleged owners behind The Real Singapore
Two people were arrested  for posting remarks online that could promote ill will and hostility among the different races in Singapore.
The article was posted on Feb 4 on sociopolitical website, The Real Singapore.
It is believed three people are behind The Real Singapore (TRS) website and social media sites.
Two of them are foreigners based in Australia, and one is a Singaporean.
All three are students in Brisbane.
The administrator is a former Japanese national who now holds Australian citizenship.
Miss Ai Takagi, 22, is a law student at the University of Queensland and her father is said to be the CEO of a large Japanese corporation.
She is believed to be the main contributor of articles posted on the TRS website.
Mr Robin Yang Kai Heng, 26, studies environmental science at the same university.
The New Paper understands that Mr Yang handles the financials for TRS, which earns a considerable sum from Google ads.
He and Miss Takagi are a couple and they have been staying at his family home in Sembawang during a break from their studies.
The couple returned to Singapore earlier this year and before Mr Yang left Brisbane, he had posted an ad on a Study Connect site forum, seeking a room-mate in Brisbane.
He left for his studies immediately after his operationally ready date in February 2010.
Calling herself Melanie Tan, the 20-something is also a student at the same university.
Miss Tan is a Singapore permanent resident and her father is believed to be an employee of SBS Transit.
TNP understands she has not been arrested and remains in Australia.
Do you think The Real Singapore has been targeted because they have been exposing the truths about PAP and Singapore? 

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