This morning (Sat 14 Feb) my friends and I decided to go to the Berseh area (off Jalan Besar) for breakfast.

As we were having breakfast in a coffee shop, someone shouted, “Come already, come already”. He was warning customers of the omnipresent LTA Enforcement.

Those who came on bikes or cars rushed out to avoid receiving a summons.

I overheard a comment by a senior citizen who said, “What kind of country is this? People park a while also cannot they must come to summon.”

The time? 6:20 AM!!

Even at 6:20 AM, LTA Enforcement can rouse themselves to go around issuing summons?

This is NOT about traffic enforcement but all about GREED of the ruling PAP. At that hour and on a minor road there is no congestion caused, public buses impeded or pedestrians endangered.

What is wrong with parking on side roads? Don’t forget roads are funded by our super high road tax as well.

LTA already rakes in billions in COE, ERP, checkpoint tolls and yet chases bikers and motorists after every cent. Even at 6:20 AM. Even SPF balk at active policing at that hour.

LTA is going overboard in its relentless search for revenue.

At 6am the Transport Minister LUI is most likely still in bed and perhaps having sweet dreams. Doubtless sweet dreams of his million dollars salary and satisfaction in the knowledge that even while he’s asleep his LTA Enforcement is still bringing in the money.

What do you think?


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