Dear editors,

All those saying good that trs shut down. pls lah, you expect 100% accurate news? even 154 cook up a story about kim jong un feeding ppl to the dogs and kena owned by intl media over it. get caught also dun wanna admit and sing cock and bull story over it. so if you think trs deserve to be shut down over a false info on their article remember to also ask tnp, today, st, stomp, cna tre, toc not to mention no.1 source of fake news in sg: edmw. this might not be an offcial news source but ppl still read stuff here and believe in it….so must also shut down.

and the 2nd problem of gullible people believing in TRS articles. pls lah, you have 154 operating more or less for 50yrs with near monopoly giving sinkies the “right news” together with world grass education system and still got enough daft ones that believe in fake new articles? that means sinkies dunt have enough higher order thinking skills to detect BS. the right method would be educate our population so that all got enough brains. cos not matter how much pap wants they cant regulate the internet… instead of preventing sinkies from getting degrees or asking hard qns (through defamation laws), pls can all of us just become smarter…….

and while I wish trs was run by locals, the fact is sinkies have no balls. from school to ns to workplace and in life in general, all can only be keyboard warrior. no country leaders will dare call so many names of their own citizens and get away with it. but in sinkieland its possible. from daft to xenophobic to not hardworking got called everything and still sinkie no balls to retort other than a brave few. pls lah, if sinkies were daft we wouldnt rank so highly in pisa scores,
if sinkies were xenophobic we would have protested way before more than 40% of population became foreigners ( european countries got 20% foreigners already got right wing protests and even british politicians agree that its not xenophobic to worry about increasing foreigners in country). if sinkies were lazy we wouldnt work one of the longest hours in the world.

but what to do, those who stand up to pap, get labelled crazy, driven to bankruptcy or exiled. and hardly anyone cares.

so before offering your expert opinion on trs case, look at underlying problems that perhaps led to TRS being formed and why got so many non sinkies working there. cos lets face it, alt news is too lucrative now, alot of ppl want to read something other than “right news”, so even if TRS dies. another will probably take over.


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