We all know what will happen if things cock-up at WP managed events and town councils.

Just like the ceiling gate in 2013, the PAP made use of English press and Chinese vernacular press to launch an artillery barrage on WP.Those medium were relatively muted over the losses of Bukit Panjang Town Council sinking fund and AIM matter.

WP had mismanaged its accounts. If WP knew the Auditor-General set their eyes on them, then they should massage their account books to reduce the discrepancies. Did they? And telling the world that no one wants to work for you is a non-answer to the unanswered questions of your position and dubious relationship with FMSS. Am I going to defend WP? The issues are simply too glaring. What happened to SAF’s golden rule?

Despite WP’s shortcomings, I believe they should have the luxury of using the mainstream media to explain themselves. But will they be given the opportunity?

Let’s take a look at Straits Times (17 February 2015). ST gave Khaw Boon Wan, the Minister responsible for Town Councils a prime column for him to launch an attack on WP’s shortcomings. Will ST give a proper space for Sylvia Lim or Low Thia Khiang to defend themselves?


What about the Chinese press? Shin Ming (13 February 2015) dedicated the front page to PAP. Will Shin Ming give WP a space for them to defend themselves?


More good years ahead.

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