Hello All Singapore Stuff,

The timing is just too zhun to be true. All of a sudden just one week before Budget 2015, Lee Hsien Loong announce his prostate cancer to Singaporeans. When since January he already knew that he had prostate cancer.

I wonder if all the news coverage about our dear LEEder's cancer and tidbits about the nicely timed operation just a week before budget 2015 is another PAP ploy to trick kind-hearted Singaporeans into giving Pinky a second chance.

Do you realize it could be a tactic to garner sympathy votes by playing the health problem card for the coming election considering how our 154 media is furiously reporting the operation like it is some big news? When in truth, I think with the modern medical technology, prostate cancer laser surgery nowadays is just being an outpatient procedure that has high rate of success, no big deal. So why the big hoohaa?

And Pinky is supposed to attend the river hongbao opening so it will be interesting if he gets "discharged" and attend it tomorrow just to wayang and show his dedication to Singaporeans. When we all know it is just bullshit and wayang kulit.

Do not let Pinky pull wool over your eyes! Wake up Singapore! 

Smart Singaporean

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