In a recent interview with 8 Days, Yeo, 37, said she is concentrating now on making sure her four-year-old daughter, Aly feels protected and loved in the midst of her divorce proceedings.

Speaking about the split from Mr Nolte, Yeo said:

“We made the decision together when we saw how much unhappiness it was causing Aly. Trust me when I say we’ve exhausted all options to salvage this marriage…. That said, I won’t talk about the cause of the divorce, or say anything bad about him.”

She added: “I wish I could have been a good example to all the girls and women out there, but I just couldn’t.”

Getting a second divorce has made Yeo come clean about her first one.

In the same interview, she admitted that she was the guilty party in the breakdown of her previous marriage with Glenn Ong.

She said the split was the reason she stayed away from MediaCorp for a long time. It was announced last week that she is returning to helm the afternoon show on Gold 90.5FM.

Said Yeo:

“I don’t think I’ve said it before but our break-up [in 2009] was my fault and I’m really sorry for it. You can put that down on record. That’s why I’ve stayed away out of respect for him all these years, even though I could have returned many times.”

Yeo added that she is confident that there will be no awkwardness between her and Ong’s fiancee, Jean Danker, who still works at MediaCorp.

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