A taxi nearly side swiped blogger Xiaxue's car yesterday and she posted about the incident on Facebook.

This is what she had to say: 

Still getting the chills from this shit that happened today. (5.50pm, 15/2/15)

A Comfort taxi SHA7734U was right beside me and suddenly swerved into my lane. The camera has wide lens so it could clearly see him worming his way in but as a driver, I could not see it at all until last minute when he was already right smack in front of me. He did not signal at all, nor was there any space for him to get into my lane! I was forced to E-brake because of his reckless driving. Dash and my helper were in the car. I really shudder to think what would have happened if I couldn't stop in time and crashed into him.

Looking at this video, I don't know if he is just reckless and impatient or he recognized the car and was deliberately trying to do something funny to me. And he actually risked hurting a toddler for that? I thought long and hard about whether to post this. Maybe he would lose his job or license. But I decided to go ahead because selfish assholes like this endanger the lives of everyone on the road.

Today he missed hurting my child. Tomorrow he could kill another with that careless attitude of his. If you are too impatient for traffic rules, you shouldn't have a license to drive AT ALL. Get off the f-ing road.


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