Dear people,

Can you do this during the coming CNY? Please help to spread the news and convince your friends and relatives to vote for opposition in the coming GE.

CNY is the time when you get to see all your relatives and friends. This is a good time to discuss issues faced by all of us these days, like our jobs taken by FT, university places taken by FT, transport woes, sky high housing prices, high cost of living, lifetime Medishield payments, withholding of our CPF and the list goes on.

I have never seen such an incompetent govt that goes out to create problems for us. Nevermind if they are not helping us.

This govt has gone on auto pilot for too long. They have become arrogant paying themselves millions with perks like $8 surgery fee while we ordinary folks are made to suffer, all thanks to their out-of-touch with the ground policies.

To bolster their votes, they even resort to crowding this little island of ours with more FT, turning them into new citizens. Have they tried to take the MRT everyday? Have they tried going to hospital under C class wards? Sometimes patients have to even wait at the hospital corridors for beds! Speaking of hospital, why does our PM who is currently hospitalized not try staying in C class ward for a change? Mingle with the ordinary folks like us in the ward and hear our stories?

The last 6-7 years of selfish ill-management by this govt has convinced me that it’s dangerous to have an all powerful 1 party to govern Singapore. The 77 vote cast by PAP MPs to endorse the unpopular Population White Paper was the breaking point. It shows that the we have a blind leading the blinds. It shows that our civil service under this govt has also gone blind. It shows that they are completely out of touch with the ground.

So, for the sake of our future and our next generation, we need an alternative govt. We need politicians from whichever party they are from to compete for our votes. That will force them to listen to us and do things based on what we want and not what they want.

I therefore urgently ask you all to spread this news during CNY. This is a long holiday and you will certainly be catching up with your friends and relatives, whether during CNY visits or going on holidays. Singaporeans, regardless of race, do your part. Take this opportunity to spread the news and convince your friends and relatives the perils of having just 1 party, especially the current PAP one.

Letting 1 party to control the destiny of this country forever is simply foolhardy!

Thank you.


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