Dear editor,

Shocked to read that Lee Hsien Loong has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. It is the 2nd time he got cancer already and I think it is a sign for him to step down.

Lee has been prime minister for a long time now. The only person who has been prime minister this long is his father and the leaders of North Korea. A functional democracy should not be allowing one man or one party to be in power for this long. This creates a “conflict of interest” as the parliament recently said.

With Lee gone, the opposition will finally get some breathing space. The PAP will be thrown into a temporary disarray, so the opposition should use this opportunity to gain more seats in parliament.

Lee should think more about his own health, so he should stay home to recover and just resign. I think all the stress of the job has given him too many health problems.

JX Lim

Editor’s note: This was sent via PM and shared with permission.

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