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We lived through an extremely difficult period a few years ago through excruciating, unbearable noise when the drains around the perimeter of a few blocks in our estate was broken. What was puzzling was that we found nothing wrong with the drains as can be seen in these pictures which were all taken BEFORE they were broken.

There was no notices displayed to indicate why the drains hadto be broken and re- cemented except for the usual 'upgrading workds ' and when I approached the contractor ( IRE Corporation ) to ask for a reason, they too had no idea . Town councils should carry out such heavy, noisy and expensive works only if they have a compelling reason to do so.

Can the bukit batok town council shed some light on this in particular, the reason for breaking these perfectly normal drains and the price of doing so as residents bear the cost for it. Resident of Block 139, bukit batok west avenue 6. Lets have some transparency here Mr David Ong, Mr Khaw Boon Wan , Mr K Shanmugam Sc

Joseph Lefort

Resident, Bukit Batok

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