Dear editor,

Have you heard about the creepy story about Nenek Keropok(Cracker Lady)? Even the ones I walked pass on the streets were talking about it too.

This news about ‘Nenek Keropok’ also known as ‘The Cracker Lady’, has widespread like wildfire in Singapore. It has been spread around through SMSes and fowarded many times from one person to the others. Below is the original malay version that i got.

“Bilang keluarga mu semua , kalau ada seorang nenek tua menjual keropok atau kuih muih mengetuk pintu rumahmu, jangan buka kerana nenek itu membawa Kak Pon dengannya. Beliau akan menghasut kita supaya membeli keropoknya. Jikalau kita tidak beli, Kak Pon akan masuk ke dalam rumah kita. Keropok beliau tak sedap dan juga bau busuk. Tengok lubang pintu sebelum buka lain kali. Nenek itu sudah conquer Woodlands dan sekarang daerah Tampines…”

Below is the English Translation.

“Tell your whole family, if there’s an old malay lady selling crackers or cake and she knock at your door, don’t open it because the old lady brought along a ‘Pontianak’ with her. She will instigate you to buy her crackers. If not, the Pontianak will enter your house. The crackers is not good to eat and it smells bad. Check your peep hole first before the next time you open the door. The old lady had conquered Woodlands and currently in Tampines area..”

Another version of this story that i heard from somewhere is that the old lady will ask the victim if she was alone at home. And when the victim replied ‘YES’, the old lady will say, “Then who is that person walking into your room.” Feeling scared, the victim will invite the old lady in, to keep her company till her parents returns. Feeling thankful, the victim will gladly buy the cracker from the old lady.

So what do you guys think about it? Have you received this SMS before? Please look through your peep hole first before opening and NEVER EVER invite any stranger in, while no ones at home. If needed, call the police.


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