A foreign student asked Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong some questions

Dear Sir,

I am foreigner, just recently graduated from the top local business school in Singapore. Due to the fact that I am a foreigner and the increasingly tightening employment policies in Singapore, I had been facing problems securing part-time and 6 months internships (I have been offered but couldn’t take up the offer in the end due to visa restrictions), and now facing problems securing full time job.

(I probably can’t fight with the locals for prestigious jobs but at the same time can’t be employed in smaller boutique firms too due to the foreigners quota)

My questions are:

1. Why does the government have to make it compulsory for tuition grant holders to stay back for 3 years in Singapore but at the same time make it difficult for us to get a job? What are the kind of jobs that the Singapore government actually wants us foreigners to work as?

2. Would you say that the Singapore government would maintain its strive towards a meritocracy society regardless of nationality and race in which everybody have equal chances and opportunities, or would merely want to be a Singaporeans’ government that make Singaporeans happy and be the next Malaysia? If it’s the latter I will be happy to leave Singapore for other better places.

That being said, I thank Singapore and my school for giving me lots of learning opportunities these years, I love Singapore very much and hope one day I can be a PR or citizen. Thank you.

Jonathan Ng

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